Tree Trimmer

Will Clear Efficiently

Up to 8 inches.

Shear Plates

1/2″ plate alloy steel.


Driven by auxiliary hydraulics.

Cycle Time

Approximately 1 second.

Skid Steer Mounting

Universal mount. Will fit any skid steer.

Tractor Mounting

Front End Loader with universal mount (other mounts available).

Hydraulic Connection

ISO 16028 Flush Face (skid steer) opt. Pioneer (tractor).

Hydraulic Flow Required

5 GPM to 30 GPM.

Hydraulic PSI Required

2000 PSI to 3000 PSI.


Approximately 700 – 900 lbs. (model dependent).


60″ Ground and TREE TRIMMER, 72″ Ground


Manual cycle by operator. Optional automatic cycle.


Will work on all skid steers and tractors equipped with front end loader, auxiliary hydraulics, quick tach removable bucket.


Dependent on environment.

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