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5′ Tree Shear

5′ Tree Shear

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Great for Youpon Brush and Tallow Tree Clearing

Purchased my Brush Shark almost 2 years ago and love it. Works great clearing Youpon and Tallow Trees from fence rows. Also, I've used it to trim the limbs up on live oaks and pin oaks on our farm so that we can drive our farm tractors under the trees without hitting the cabs. Just set my front end loader at the height that I want and then drive around the tree while cycling the cutter. Used to take me all day with a pole saw but now it only takes me about an hour to trim all of the trees up. I even used the Brush Shark to push up the trimmed limbs into piles for easier pickup with my grapple. Great piece of equipment and so useful.

Steve was amazing!

I’ve been running the Brush Shark on the front end of our Kubota tractor, clearing out cedars and yaupons with ease. Easy to hook up, easy maintenance with very accessible grease fittings and powerful enough to chew through cedars as big as 12” diameter if you have the patience to gnaw at it for a bit!! Definitely worth every penny!

About This Brushshark & It's Accessories

This is our most popular skid steer attachment model and works on small and medium size skid steers and tractors rated at 35HP to 60HP and typically have around a 60″ front end width.

The profile of this unit makes it particularly good at ground clearing because it enables pushing of a large amount of cut material.

  • Includes 5′ hydraulic hoses with ISO 16028 (standard skid steer) flat face coupling. 1 male and 1 female.
  • Includes Universal Skid Steer Mounting for use on ALL skid steers and tractors* with skid steer type attachment carrier.


*For tractors without skid steer type attachment contact your Brushshark representative at (512)263-6830.

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