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How does the Brushshark work?

The Brushshark is a hydraulic tree shear that operates when connected to the auxiliary hydraulics of your skid steer or tractor. The shear plate cycles back and forth when operator engages the auxiliary hydraulics. This “cycling” action is continuous while the auxiliary hydraulic is engaged.

Will this tree shear work on my tractor?

Yes. The Brushshark will work out of the box on tractors equipped with a front end loader with a “skid steer” type quick attach, auxiliary, or third, hydraulic and a hydrostatic transmission or shuttle shift. It will work on most other tractors but some modifications may be required.

How does the Brushshark perform in rocks?

The Brushshark performs excellently in rocky environments. We designed it for the rock laden hills of Central Texas. The slow cycle operation (about 1 second each direction) eliminates constantly crashing into rocks at high speed like rotating equipment does. The steel we use stands up to rocks fine and the hydraulics are sized so that if a rock becomes lodged between the teeth (which is extremely rare) it will either be crushed or stop the tree shear and the operator can reverse the shear direction and it will fall right out.

How much can I clear in a day?

From practical experience and customer feedback it is reasonable to expect to cut 5 to 15 acres per day dependent on the characteristics of the area you are clearing. How dense is it? How thick is the material? How flat or rocky is it? If you watch our videos: Cedar Clearing Equipment and Cedar Tree Clearing you can see how much we clear in a 5 and 10 minute time frame.

Will it work on my particular species of tree or brush?

Yes. Whether it’s tea bushes in Asia, mesquites, cedar or youpon in Texas or oak trees in New York the Brushshark will clear it. The Brushshark has been commercially available since 2003 and we have yet have one customer report back that it didn’t perform satisfactorily in this regard. We’ve even had a few comment that they wished it didn’t cut so good because they accidently took out a T post with it!

What locations will you ship to?

We can ship throughout the United States as well as internationally. Please contact us for more information at info@brushshark.com or (512) 263-6830 for more information on where we will ship.

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